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i am :


I really want to go to :

negara byk kangroo

nk sgt2 pegi..ade sape2 nk support??

My favourite place :

bilik aku
tp syg ini bukan bilek gue

My favourite thing :

My favourite drink :

teh o ice..ah giler sedap..

My favourite food :

masakan kampung..ah giler sedap

My favourite colour :


I was born in :

house....tp tu bukan umah aku...hoho

I live in :

kuantan terchenta...

My school/college :

sultan abu bakar skewl

My favourite story :

novel neyh...da lame aku cri..tp xjmpe..sape yg nak adiahkan tu..time kasih ek..haha

My hobby :

surf tenet sampai penin..hoho


suda semestinye tito...

I want to be :



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