1. Name. Age. Gender?
+shemo0t...krisis identiti..so x to gender ape..wakakah

2. What song is playing on your friendster?
+ cinta arjuna

3. Why?
+ lyric die...huhu

4. What describes your relationship situation?
+ tanak describe takpe kan

5. Where were you three hours ago?
+dalam bilek...

6. What was the last movie you saw?
+ jangan tegor...agak mengejutkan..

7. What was the last food you ate?
+ nasi berlauk pauk...

8. Last surprise
+ surprise bile hati diguris lg...b****h

9. Who was your last conversation with?
+ leen ku shayang

10.Ever been out without underwear on?
+ eiuuuuu

11.Color of your shirt now?
+ red

12.What is your middle name?
+ name tengah??

13.Ever been to the beach at night?
+yuppy...wif my lovely kazens...telok cempedak....weehooo....

14.Are you a bad influence?
+ teruk ke sy????

15.What was the last argument you had about?
+ kesabaran aku de batasnye!!!!

16.Rather have your name or your siblings name?
+ uik???xdop

17.Do you love someone right now?
+i love my mom..slamat ari ibu...

18.Do they love you back?
+mustilah...my kazens alwes say.."ko kn anak kesygan mak ko..menda ko request sume dpt"..haha...ye ke??

19.Favorite colors?
+ pink and red

20.Ever held a baby?
+ ske2..xsabar nk anak...nk anak ramai la..(terpengaruh dr citer nani yg ade adik bradik 12 org..cm seronok je)

21.What song are you listening ryt now?
+ xdop

22.Wear glasses?
+ nope

23.Last thing someone bought for you?
+ xde kot...

24.Does your best friend have a friendster?

25.Whose page did you visit last?
+ none

27.Next event you're going to?
+ g jenjalan..

28.Do you have one or more Britney Spears CDs?
+ xberminat

29.Best and worse event you've ever been to?
+ tak leh fikir

30.Emo or Scene?
+ nasyid ..ngeh..baeknye aku

31.Do you sing in the car?
+ yeyeh...nyanyi ramai2 ngn kengkwn....sonok gler..

32.Do you ever sing in the shower?
+ sudey semestinye...jiran aku chinese n dorg xkesah sbb bkn dgr pon...ahah

33.What track are u listening ryt now?
+ takde

34.Last person to tell you they loved you?
+ peoples may say what they want..but btol ke die syg kite??hanya allah yg taw..."ya allah kau kurnialah aku pasangan yg betul2 ikhlas syg aku..amin...."

35.Do you think they meant it?
+ hahaha...mulut boley berkata...ati?? bongek gler!!

36.Last person spoke to on the phone?
+ my mum

37.Do you like to dance?

38.Who is the next person you will kiss?
+ adli syah....xsabar nk jmpe si tecik tu..

39.How's your heart lately?
+terguris..terhiris..hati terluka bila ku sedar kau khianati cinta...

40. when was the last time you were really happy?
+ ntah..


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